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11/05/2016 COMPDDO-Ver 4.0 Upg 11.05.2016
11/05/2016 COMPDDO-Read Me for upg 110.05.2016
08/04/2016 COMPDDO-New DA 125% Upgrade
08/04/2016 COMPDDO-Guidelines for New DA and DA Arrears @125%
28/03/2016 RAMS-COMPACT-Rams Upgrade Dated 28-Mar-2016
09/03/2016 COMPDDO-Ver 4.0 Upgrade 09.03.2016
01/12/2015 REVACT-COMPACT-Revact Upgrade Dated 02-July-2015
16/01/2015 N Lekha-COMPACT UPGRADE 6.01 Rel. 01.08.2014 #16
13/01/2015 N Lekha-Nirman Lekha upgrade 19.12.2014
07/05/2013 COMPACT-Compact Ver 6.01 Fresh Installation
07/05/2013 COMPACT-COMPACTVer 6.01 part 4
07/05/2013 COMPACT-COMPACTVer 6.01 part 3
07/05/2013 COMPACT-COMPACT Ver 6.01 part 2
26/04/2013 RAMS-Rams Restore Utility(7Z)
06/07/2012 CDDO2PAO-CDDO2PAO Fresh Installation part 7
06/07/2012 CDDO2PAO-CDDO2PAO Fresh Installation part 6
06/07/2012 CDDO2PAO-CDDO2PAO Fresh Installation part 5
06/07/2012 CDDO2PAO-CDDO2PAO Fresh Installation part 4
06/07/2012 CDDO2PAO-CDDO2PAO Fresh Installation part 3
26/12/2011 REVACT-COMPACT-Revact Restore Utility (7Z)
01/02/2011 RAMS-Rams Ver 6.0 setup
06/04/2010 PrAO2Elekh-PrAO2e-Lekha Ver 2.00 New Release
29/05/2009 REVACT-DBF file generation utility
15/04/2009 REVACT-for fresh installation
15/04/2009 REVACT-Model Data Base

Greetings from our Division

Information Technology has become a strategic resource to Government Accounting with the support of National Informatics Centre (NIC) which is the nodal agency for providing software support to computerize several functions in various Ministries & Departments of the Government of India. The Office of the Controller General of Accounts has been taking NIC's support since 1978 for adapting Information Technology to support Government accounting functions. Several applications have been developed in the last two decades for computerization of accounting processes at various levels of accounting units of Government of India, viz. Pay and Accounts Offices, Principal Accounts Office (CCAs/CAs), Controller General of Accounts.

Accounts Informatics Division, NIC has been actively working for the computerisation in the office of the CGA and the various Accounting Units located at various Ministries/Departments. Several applications have been developed and implemented during the last fifteen years.

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